Friday, August 26, 2011

The Messengers Are Returning


The following are excerpts from Catherine's blog post:

"I seek a Watcher." she said. "I bid you four my Messengers. From the four corners of this plain you will observe, and when danger appears to the Meeroo kind you shall manifest and say what you have seen."

With a wave of her hand she cast the white leaf to the North; "You are Sula, Watcher of the North." The leaf sparkled and shot toward the hazy sky. Traveling at an unimaginable speed toward the far reaches of Northern Earth. Mid-air, it froze and shattered into a million crystalline pieces and showered the grown below in a shimmering snowfall.

She wove her hand around the bright green leaf. "You are Troo, Watcher of the South." Upon her final word, the leaf danced and was whisked away on an invisible wind. As it gained momentum it grew and took on a nourishing glow. Spears of yellow light emanated from it's porous surface and bathed the land below in warmth.

"You are Myrr, Watcher of the East." Off it flew toward the ocean, whose cresting waves, gifting it with their life giving water, reached like arms from below to carry it to it's destination on the other side. Upon arrival, it took to the air and spun itself into massive clouds, which rained down upon the soils below.

Vashara turned her attention toward the last of the four leaves. "You are Azra. Watcher of the West." The leaf danced on the breezes and vanished. Spiral through the stratosphere, it folded into itself and small, feathered seedlings appeared from it's skin. Upon arrival, it collided with the land blow, and burrowed deep into the soil where instantly it broke through the surface once again, unfolding into an ornate tree two hundred feet tall, and from it's branches fell more of its kind until a great forest appeared.


The Messengers are now returning, in their Meeroo form.
Azra, Troo, Myrr and Sula will be arriving at the store next week.

Obviously there is a reason these four unique "nature" Meeroos
have returned. They must certainly bring with them a warning.

These Meeroos are special limited edition creatures called the Dryad Species.
They do not pass their genetics BUT can be born with unique traits.

They will be available from a vendor which, upon payment,
will deliver one of the four Dryads to you randomly. One is much
rarer than others, while another is more common.


1. The Meeroo Vendor will require 300 Linden to deliver a random Meeroo.
You are not guaranteed any specific one of the four.

2. They will indeed be transferable.

3. They can be turned into a Mee-pet.

A couple new things about the dryads:

4. They will arrive Monday evening PST.

5. There will be more than one location for the vendor.

6. They will be available through September then gone forever.

7. Their message will require deciphering from
Meerunic and will be posted on the official blog.

8. Upon purchase you will be delivered a WHITE PILLAR.
All you have to do is LEFT click the pillar for your nest to magically appear.

9. The delivery is random. You are not guaranteed any specific
Meeroo when purchasing. You can try more than one if
you do not get what you wanted or trade with friends!

10. They will be available through September 20th and then gone forever.

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